Meeting Minutes

3/15/2011 Meeting Minutes

CRBC Meeting Minutes |  3/15/2011 @ SC Municipal Building | Bike Summit Review | Rumble Strips Update | How Houghton Mich became a Bicycle Friendly Community.

Bike Summit Report from Jordyn Drayton and Eddie Magulick

Jordyn, Carrol, Eddie, and Frank all went to the 2011 Bike Summit held in Washington, DC, recently and reported their findings to the CRBC group present at the meeting. This included talking with representatives and their aids. On Thursday morning Senator Casey has a breakfast that anyone can attend. Don’t go for the food.. You get to shake hands with the senator, and say a few words. Bike folks were the majority in the room that day. Casey traditionally votes up on multi-modal bills and his aid, Ed Stodard? is on the ball when it comes to cycling issues. The group commented that Ed was well informed about what cyclists want.

The groups message, and the message of the Summit was focused on the economic impacts of cycling.

At congressman Thompson’s office the group spoke with a Mr. Crist? who was not as versed as Casey’s aid. The group commented that he didn’t make eye contact and seemed to be a little despondent.  Jordyn commented that Thompson seemed to be a nice guy.  The message that day was economic impacts and the group sited Huntingdon, PA.  The Allegripis Trails have had a 4 million dollar impact on the local economy. And, they have only been around for a year. Thompson said during the brief discussion that rising gas prices equals more bike riding. Thompson votes in lockstep with Schuster who votes bike related issues up, which is good. “we are in a weird position with funding” Jordyn said, bikes are a cheap way to get around. Currently there are not any funding bills related to bikes moving through the house right now.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign was really awesome.

National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) is trying to bring the rules of European roads to North America. They have had a positive effect on the roads in NYC. Click Here for more.  The group thought that looking into this for the Center Region would be awesome.

PennDOT and the Rumble Strips

There were a couple of CRBC folks, Paul and Chuck, who met with PennDOT officials about the rumble strip issue. A couple of years ago there was some money that was allocated federally for the states to put in rumble strips. There was some stipulations, like there had to be a 4’ median. This problem was not isolated to the Center Region, it is national.

CRBC would like to thank the Center Region COG for helping to keep this issue on the hot button.

PennDOT is now fixing the issue. Go to the web article somewhere on this website to find out more about this issue.

How Houghton Michigan Became Bike Friendly

Ann (didn’t get her last name, sorry ann) spoke to the attendees at the CRBC meeting about her recent involvement in getting Houghton Michigan honored as Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC). Ann, a recent transplant to SC, commented that Houghton is similar to SC in that it has a university, Michigan Tech (6,000) located in the downtown, and lots of students riding to work.  There are also a lot of IMBA action close to town like here in SC. A task force formed with a lot of different people on it, these folks put together a survey (survey monkey) and some maps of bike routes (both of which we already have), and started to shop the idea of BFC around to elected officials. They developed a bike route map, that turned into a bike plan that incorporated students, faculty and staff of Mich Tech. The plan was assembled by the regional transportation planner and paid for through her salary.

Bike to work day tripled in numbers as awareness rose in the community, people began to own the idea of living in a bike friendly community.

2. Policy | Houghton was a little light on community involvement. At first, Ann commented that officials weren’t sure of the benefits of becoming a BFC. Eventually came around and felt moved to put some paint on the road, bike lanes and such.  Events became a part of the process, and had a positive effect on the number of folks out riding.

The Health Department was all for the BFC initiative, knowing how this would positively affect the overall health of the community.

They used Madison’s bike parking stuff, which is excellent. Now every new building has to address bike parking (why can’t we do that here?). They got the Mayor to sign on to the idea of BFC.

There are 2 state highways that go through Houghton, and M-DOT was not pleasant to deal with.

Ann commented that Houghton is not as nice a place to ride as the Center Region…and why are we not a BFC?

Read more about Houghton’s Win here

Breakout Sessions

 The group then split into two groups, the special event group and the BFC group.

2/7/2011 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from 2/7/2011 Meeting at the SC Municipal Building

Agenda Item #1 | Presentation | Ballengers Battle the Beast 

CRBC member Jess Ballenger and his family have turned their love of cycling into a game. As a family they are making an effort to ride more than drive. Recorded car miles included vacation travel and trips to the market. The Ballengers only have one car and have been cycling for many years. 2011’s stats so far are 219 Bike, 769 beast including holidays. 219 miles through some of the coldest weather we have had in long time.  People at the meeting asked a lot of really great questions.

Agenda Item # 2 | Working with the SCASD

Tom Gasda phys ed teacher at State college Area High School talked about the SC High School’s efforts to include cycling safety into the curriculum. Members of the CRBC is working with the State College Area School District to help promote safe cycling. Physical education classes have been going on group rides, with the blessing of excursion permits signed by parents. There are a number of teacher that are excited about a bicycle education. The school is participating in bike to school day, as of this writing exact details have not been worked out, although there was some speculation about bike rack capacity.

Agenda Item #3 | Bike to Work Month

Bike to work month will be held in cooperation with anyone and everyone able to ride their bike to work.  Some of the events currently being proposed: bike rodeo, treasure hunt, vineyard ride, yoga/bike.  There will be a flyer that will be circulated with details. It was determined that Bike to work month includes all students riding to class. Places we hope to get advertising, CATA, Print Shops. There was even talk that we could use C-NET time to show some bike to work month stuff.. The group discussed making Critical Mass part of the event -> it is suppose to be a spontaneous event. It happens on the LAST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT THE MAIN GATES.

Side Notes:

The group discussed having 8 business meetings and 4 fun meetings a year. This was generally thought to be a good idea.  Business meetings would include the attendance of all officers, executive committee members, and those interested in agenda items to get involved. Fun meetings may include food, music, bike riding, children’s laughter, slide shows, bike stories, demonstrations, demo rides, and or any number of other exciting event/topics.

Treasurer LB said most people have paid their dues, and those that haven’t should.


August 9th, 2010 Meeting Minutes

August 9th, 2010 CRBC Meeting Minutes | 7-8:30PM @ SC Municipal Building

This meeting was a lot less formal and had some great discussion surrounding:

  1. A bicycle cooperative
  2. Special events
  3. Bike share
  4. Winter rack maintenance & PSU’s registration policies
  5. Safe Routes to School and traffic lights
  6. Cooperating with PSU’s Office of Sustainability
  7. Topics for the October meeting 

1. Bike Cooperative- Wouldn’t it be great if we could collect orphan bikes, and give them a new home, a place where people will care for them. CRBC members discussed what we would need to do to get a bike coop going here in the Center Region. Why couldn’t we have a place where the community could fix bikes, teach people about bike maintenance, refurbish bikes? Would it be possible for CRBC to take bikes people no longer wanted, donated bikes, and then give folks a tax write-off? There was also talk of refurbishing bikes to help those in places where they really need bikes, perhaps in another country?

2. Special Events-Special events committee is working out bike to work month, with some possible changes that include eliminating bike to work week in exchange for a more robust bike to work month that would include activities at local venues like the YMCA, as well as events hosted by local bike shops. In their efforts to encourage biking at all levels, Special events committee members found out that State College Area School District High School has a physical education program to educate about safe biking, as well as bikes. 

3. Bike Share-CRBC fully supports the idea of Bike Share, the group talked about other towns and cities that have successfully implemented bike share stations in their town, and how something like this would have significant benefits for university folks, town folk, and visitors. 

4. Winter Rack Maintenance- Recently the server at PSU that holds all the bike registration information got shut down by the ITS folks because it was vulnerable? Whatever that means? This highlighted a problem that OPP faces with bikes that are registered, but don’t move…at all. Meaning, if a bike is registered it can not be removed from the bike rack. But, if you bike is not registered they can “tow” it.  This sparked discussion surrounding a bike rack rule that would limit time you can leave your bike on a rack to 72 hours, with exceptions of course like East Halls and other places where bikes “live”.  This would help OPP to get rid of abandon bikes before they get tires kicked, and hamper snow removal effort. 

It was also noted during this discussion that the bike rules they give newly registered bike owners were out of date, and need revised.

5. Safe Routes to School (SRTS)- One CRBC member brought up a discussion they had wth a mother who’s child wanted to ride to Park Forest Elementary who lived over in the neighborhood behind the College 9 Movie Theate. Yes, the child wanted to bike to school. The mother has had discussions with SCASD transportation, as well as the police, with little head way.  The SCASD has a policy of not busing children that live within 1 mile of a school, putting the onus on the parent and child to arrive safely on time for class. The discussion moved to light sensors. Wire sensors are not “tuned” to feel for bikes, but could be with a little bit of effort. Photo sensors work better for bicycles, but don’t work in blizzard, and are possibly more costly.

6. PSU’ office of sustainability manned the bike info table on bike to work week, and would like to repeat that event this fall when students return. CRBC fully supports this effort.  As part of the discussion the group voted to spend $200 on creating new handouts that support the website, CRBC, and biking in the Center Region.These brochures would be used by PSU’s Office of Sustainability (OS) in the fall at an event similar to the bike to work event where a table was staffed by PSU OS Staff where they educated folks about biking to and from campus.

7. The meeting concluded with some ideas for the October meeting….which was decided will be great.