Meeting Minutes

June 14th, 2010 Meeting

Meeting Minutes from June 14th, 2010, 7PM, Room 202

Opening Comments

June 24th there will be a meeting at Ferguson Township buidling on Whitehall Road

Reports from the three Committees: Special Events, Bicyce Friendly Community, and Planning

Special Events

  • Special Events is working with SCASD, PTO’s, YMCA, CRPR, and other local organization to get the drop on Bike to Work Week/Month(?) 2011.
  • There is a thought that CRBC should transform Bike to Work Week should be changed to Bike to Work Month
  • CRBC will seek sponsors for bike to work month/week.
  • Future event should feature special events taking place at bike shops and other bike related businesses.

Bicycle Friendly Communities

  • Pittsburgh is now a Bronze BFC
  • Pittsburgh has a dedicated bike/ped coordinator
  • Coordination between all municipalities is critical in helping State College to become a BFC.
  • Web site improvements would help to create more energy surrounding bicycling and pedestrian activity in the region.
  • The CRBC group expressed interest in beginning to work with Center Region Planning on the application process


  • Recapped meeting minutes from May 8th, 2010 meeting that took place at the Corner Room.
  • Recapped a phone conversation with the Chris Metka, PA’s Safe Routes to School Coordination.

May 7th, 2010

May, 7th, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Pre Meeting

Reviewed PennDOT maps for Whitehall improvements

Bike to work week review

·         Friday- PSU office of Sustainability did a fantastic job staffing the table at the main gates, all day.

·         Bike Fair on Allen Street was tough, comments included:

o   “More people next time would be good”

o   “need to rethink Saturday’s activities on Allen”

o   “No critical mass, it seemed kinda empty”

o   “How about a bike swap?”

o   “change name to Bicycle Celebration Week”

o   “Bike racks from around the world”

o   “YMCA, Schools, and CRPR need to be involved”

o   “Odd time. Maybe we could do it after the Students left, instead of trying to fit them in?”

·         Comments for making next year better included

o   Make a postcard flyer that you mail to peoples’ place of employment.  Read -> “bike to work week”

o   Team up with other organizations like YMCA, CRPR, and the Schools

o   Start Earlier

Discussion shifted to Safe Routes to School

·         Mark Woodward examined roundabout installation on the Parkway near Easterly Parkway Elementary

·         The group discussed names of folks that would be good to include in the Safe Routes to School planning.

Things to do in the future

·         Make a Facebook Page for CRBC

·         Make committee’s for people who want to collaborate on specific Cycle/Pedestrian issues, ideas, events, and initiatives

o   It was determined that it would be up to individuals to meet on their own, and then report back to CRBC members at the next meeting


March 1st, 2010

Meeting Agenda

1.       Elect Executive Committee

2.       Discuss Comprehensive Plan Meetings

3.       Bike to Work Week

Discussion Points

1.       Executive committee slate was forwarded, nominated, seconded, and unanimously approved by those attending the meeting

a.       Chuck Anderson

b.      Sue Barsom

c.       Kevin Gombotz

d.      Roy Greenfield

e.      Jim Serene

2.       Mr. Simpson indicated that he would like to continue to act as web-master for the CBRC website

3.       CR-COG Comprehensive Plan Meetings are going on at all of the CR municipalities

a.       Mr. Dempsey urged CRBC members to attend the comp. plan meetings at CRBC members respective municipalities to advocate for bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

4.       Bike to work week

a.       Date determined for Bike To Work Week were Saturday May, 1 to Saturday May 8th 2010

b.      Activities that would be interesting to include in the event that came up in discussion (with the individual that has taken responsibility to organize)

                                                               i.      Woodward Camp, and the acrobatic, or trials riders (Sue B.)

                                                             ii.      Four Townships and a Borough Ride (Park R.

                                                            iii.      Uni-Cycle Club at PSU (Sue)

                                                           iv.      Bike Shops (Sue)

                                                             v.      Yoga (Kate)

                                                           vi.      PSU Orthopedics ( Jim and Brucie)

                                                          vii.      Info Tent for Friday  (Brian)

                                                        viii.      Bike-in Movie (Keveau)

                                                           ix.      Street Skills (Chuck A.)

                                                             x.      Koolakowski Ride (Paul S.)

                                                           xi.      State Theater Movie about bikes, possibility PeeWee’s Big Adventure (Sue B.)

                                                          xii.      Care Coalition, and bike to Worship, or Church Tour (Jess)

                                                        xiii.      Winery Ride (?)

                                                         xv.      Both Boy and Girl Scouts may be involved, but extent or specific involvement was not determined.

c.       High School students were indicated as a group that would benefit from participating in BTWW, but involvement specific involvement was indeterminate

e.      Publicity

                                                               i.      Brucie indicated that she would be writing an article for local publications like Voices

1.       Brucie also indicated that she would be accepting writing from other individuals to include in the publicity materials.

                                                             ii.      Press Release ?

                                                            iii.      T-Shirts?

f.        Fridays  May 7th, 2010 Table

                                                               i.      The information table, with maps and other material was manned by PSU employees last year on Friday.

                                                             ii.      Location would be at the PSU main gates

g.       Liability, was brought up, and the group unanimously voted to approve becoming a member organization of the League of American Bicyclists member organization. The vote also included the use of up to $200 of CBRC monies to be authorized for this action.

5.       Snow Removal on Bike Paths

a.       Mr. Shamalla would craft a letter that would be endorsed by CBRC to municipalities and the University thanking them for their winter maintenance regime, and delicately highlighted continued problem areas

                                                               i.      Areas that have been successfully used by CBRC members this winter include

1.       Ferguson Twp: Circleville & Tudek Bike Paths, College Township Bikeway, East Branch to Puddintown Road, University Drive

2.       Not Plowed places: Hills Plaza Bikeway/sidewalk, Blue Course Drive, Orchard Park, Innovation Park Bikepath, Small pedestrian connections in the downtown area and throughout the region that need special attention