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FreezeThaw Cycles Raises Funds

FreezeThaw Raises Funds :: Justin and Jordyn at the CRBC fundraising table

FreezeThaw Cycles on Calder Alley has raised $130 for CRBC by selling bike parts and CRBC “Share the Road with Bicycles” bumper stickers at their $1 bargain table. Thanks to Justin, Jordyn, and all the FreezeThaw employees who have helped.

Grouse Guards BCRT

Grouse Guards BCRT :: A fan of rail trails? Perhaps!

A speckled grouse has taken up guard duty on the proposed Bellefonte Central Rail Trail extension through Toftrees. A feasibility study is underway directed at extending the existing trail from the Penn State Arboretum 16 additional miles to Bellefonte. Support has been shown by the community, neighboring landowners, and the grouse.

Grouse Guards BCRT :: The grouse stopped to admire the panniers

Sinkhole Threatens Water Supply

Sinkhole Threatens Water Supply :: The bikeway was closed to assess a sinkhole problem

An emergency closure of the College Township Bikeway from the College Ave. tunnel to the quonset hut at Millbrook Marsh took effect December 22nd to allow PennDOT to access a sinkhole which had opened between the path and Slab Cabin Run next to the 322 bypass bridge over Puddintown Road. A second sinkhole had appeared on the opposite side of the creek next to Puddintown Road.

Work began at noon that day. College Township Supervisor, Adam Brumbaugh, expressed concern that enlargement of the sinkhole would threaten the path and the bridge. If the creek entered the hole, Brumbaugh said, groundwater supplying municipal water wells could be contaminated. Heavy equipment needed for the project had to travel down the path to the site and damaged the pavement. This necessitated repaving after the repair was completed.

The closure lasted several weeks, but cold weather delayed repaving until the spring.

Sinkhole Threatens Water Supply :: Heavy equipment and the effect of the sinkhole closed the bikeway for several weeks