October 2018 Membership Minutes

CentreBike Membership Meeting Minutes
October 8, 2018 at 5:30PM
State College Municipal Building in Room 241

Attendees: Mac Heebner, Isaac Bromley, Tristan Avelis, Autumn Busbee, Mark Davison, Michele Chernega, Jean Bemis, Jim Serene, Cecily Zhu, Ed Jenkins, Paul Rito

  1. Welcome
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    -Balance is $11,200.13
    -Spent ~$230 on faux turf for Park(ing) Day and the website
    -Received ~$160 in memberships
  3. Stakeholder Reports
    PSU Transportation
    -Work with risk management for lane spotter app.
    -Cecily is hosting a bike safety workshop on 10/18 from 3-5PM.
    -Got swag from bikemaps.org, which aims to aggregate crash and near-miss data. Members are interested in sharing this with the listserv. Perhaps CentreBike members can use this app, then CRBAC can analyze the data quarterly and determine if they need to make recommendations to municipalities.
    Centre Region Bicycle Advisory Committee
    -Is currently being remodeled to be like other committees in Bike Friendly Communities.
    -Aims on increasing input from cyclists to community representatives.
    Jim Serene: Met with representative from Patton Township, regarding the Waddle Road bridge bike lane and painting it green to increase cyclist visibility. Jim is waiting to meet with the township supervisor. CentreBike is interested in writing a letter of support to the appropriate entity, once we find out who that is.
  4. Updates
    Yard Signage
    -Planning for launching this in the spring. 300 signs will cost ~$2,000. Messaging is to be determined; we want signs to encourage safe cycling/driving. We would ask for donations for the signs.
    -Jean noticed that when she got her registration renewal that there was a “watch out for motorcyclists” message and was wondering what could be included for cyclist. We can discuss it with Tim Nebgen at the next meeting.
    Visitors Bureau
    -Paul met with Lori Miller discussing an GPS tourism map. Ball is in their court at the moment.
    Light Up the Night
    -November 5 from 5:30-7:30 PM
    -Potential Locations: Westgate/IST Plaza, HUB, Allen Street, Pugh Street, and possibly McKee St. (4-5 locations total, depending on police officer availability.)
    -Paul will provide hot hands. Cecily spoke with campus police and Paul spoke with Borough Police. She will determine how many volunteers UPUA can provide.
    -We will need to get coupons printed (Paul will talk to Freeze Thaw and The Bicycle Shop). PennDOT Safety Cards (Autumn will email Tim can provide these). Kits will need to be assembled for each location. Maybe each location can have a leader, who will get the kit in advance so volunteers just need to meet at their location.
  5. Discussion
    -Riding from Lemont to Downtown: recommended contacting College Township regarding College Township about the Mitchell Farm closure. Also consider using the Puddintown connector. Jim made a motion to support pedestrian/cyclist usage of Mitchell Farm Road if it is not completely private Allen Sproperty. Tristan seconded the motion, motion carried. Jim and Michele will look into this.
  6. Adjournment

Next Gathering: Light Up the Night
November 5, 2018 at 5:30PM

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