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February 2020 General Membership Meeting Minutes

CentreBike Membership Meeting
February 10, 2020 at 5:30PM
State College Municipal Building in room 241
        • Welcome
Rick Arnold (CVIM rep)
Tristan Avelis
Jean Bemis
Michele Chernega
Matt Cox
Corey Thibault-Cuhel
Mark Davison
Tanya Hampton
Joanna Weidler Lewis
Roy Love
Roy Rupert
Paul Rito
Cecily Zhu
        • Treasurer’s Report
Total available funds at this time $13,876.69  League insurance went up a bit this year.
        • Stakeholder Reports
                • PennDOT
                • PSU Entities
Cecily reports that students okayed another Light Up the Night Bike Light Giveaway for Spring. Date: March 2, 2020.
Renewal year for Bicycle Friendly Uni and Bicycle Friendly Town designation coming up for community, currently at Bronze, and Penn State University, currently at Silver designation.
                • Municipalities/CRCOG
Jasmine would like to plan for a Bike Ambassador for each township. Matt considering community outreach about this
                • CRBAC
Feb 18 is next mtg.16:00-17:30 at Land & Water Research bldg, or Zoom available.


January 2020 General Membership Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2020 Centre Bike General  Meeting 5:30 PM
State College Municipal Bldg – Room 241




  1. Tristan Avelis
  2. Valerie Burnett
  3. Michele Chernega
  4. Matt Cox
  5. Mark Davison
  6. Jasmine Fieldstone
  7. Tanya Hampton
  8. Mark Higgins
  9. Ed Jenkins
  10. Christian Kurpiel-Wakamiya
  11. Joanna Weidler Lewis
  12. Paul Rito
  13. Roy Rubert
  14. Erin Thomas
  15. Cecily Zhou

Matt Cox was nominated as CB President by Mark Davison and it was seconded by Paul Rito. Voted on by present members, all replied Yes. Matt is the new Centre Bike President with Tristan serving as temporary VP until he has to move.

• TREASURER’S REPORT    Balance: $14,050.32

• STAKEHOLDERS REPORT  PennDOT – No one present

Country Commissioner, Mark Higgins says they have lots of bike path and initiatives in the process which can “help decide whether we will be a bike destination or not”. “Gentle Lobbying” may help move things along.

PSU Entities – Cecily reported:

PSU has now hired an assistant for Cecily. Cecily says West Gate Parking deck will have “Tinker Space/ Bike Den” like a repair/community space. Indoor space w/ workbenches w/ tool kits, bathroom, whiteboard. ETA: 2021 Also lots of covered bike parking. No schedule yet for Spring workshops but they will probably be held in these new spaces. They expect open Hours plus guided workshops. Risk Management will be letting her know if it will be open to the public and if there will be separate hours for public vs students.

CRBAC (Cecily is Chair) Next mtg is Feb 18 at 142 Land & Water Research Bldg from 4pm-5pm and will be available via Zoom


On Tuesday January 14th at 10:00 AM there was an Open House at the Patton Township Municipal Building (100 Patton Plaza) to provide information on proposed improvements to Toftrees Avenue. Valerie Burnett said they are still taking input


Bike Love is an event Matt Cox is looking to do on 2/8/20 or 2/10/2020 possibly in lieu of CB meeting (more…)

December 2019 General Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2019 Centre Bike General  Meeting
State College Municipal Bldg – Allen St



  1. Tristan Avelis
  2. Matt Cox
  3. Michele Chernega
  4. Mark Davidson
  5. Jean Beamis
  6. Roy Rubert
  7. Gordy Kauffman
  8. Ed Jenkins

Balance: $13,958.28


Bike Light Giveaway seemed very successful. We are waiting for numbers and debrief from Cecily Zhou.

It was mentioned that Jasmine is looking into re-starting a Bicycle Ambassador program.


Matt Cox reported that Centre County’s first Cranksgiving was a great success, with 76 riders bringing over 1,000 llbs and over $2,000 worth of food for the Youth Service Bureau. YSB reported that food was delivered to shelters and Christine Bishop thanked Matt and all who planned and participated. There are plans to do it again next year and right now, date looks like November 7, 2020, with exciting new ride ideas!  Thanks to Matt for organizing and Autumn for being a great second. A thank you card was sent to Elk Creek Cafe for providing beer. (more…)