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April 11th Membership Meeting

April 2024 Centre Bike General Membership Meeting
  • Welcome Attending: Matt Cox, Paul Rito, Jeff Luck, Anne Messner, michele chernega
  • Treasurer’s Report:  Balance $14,356.34
  • Stakeholder Reports COG’s Anne Messner said there may be a May 8 bike ride w/ Ben Den. Active Transport Plan still live. May 2 Paul & Anne going to Comissioner’s meeting. And there will be a press conference on safety at Tallyrand Park in May
  • Public Comment
  • New Business


Active Transportation Plan – Public Engagement

You can help the Centre County Metropolitan Planning
Organization with its first Active Transportation Plan by providing feedback through a survey and web mapping application on the project website. The survey includes questions about active transportation modes (walking, bicycling, wheeling, etc.). The web mapping application allows respondents to express their safety and connection concerns when it comes to walking, bicycling, and wheeling by placing a point on the map and providing comments. The survey and map will be open March 19 – May 3, 2024 at

March 2024 Membership Mtg Minutes


  • Welcome ATTENDING: Paul Rito, Matt Cox, Jeff Luck, Michele Chernega, Lydia Vandenburgh, Jasmine Fields, Anne Messner, Chris Murrell, Denise Bortree, Cecily Zhu
    • Treasurer’s Report:  Balance $11,773.89
    • Stakeholder Reports

    •  Centre Region Council of Government  Senior Transportation Planner
    • Anne Messner shared a poster and postcards for their Public Transportation Plan.public   input  County meeting is at May 2 at 10:00 + May 15 Bike Safety Press Conference at Tallyrand Park at 10:00.
      • Penn State/Bike Den Cecily says workshops at Bike Den as usual.They are looking into working with Velahtric to get ebike discounts for .edu folks


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