Meeting Minutes

August 2023 Centre Bike Membership Meeting

    • Welcome
• Treasurer’s Report $16,257.45 balance
-Attending: Matt Cox, michele chernega, Ed Jenkins, Cecily Zhu, Chris Murrell, Jeff Luck
    • Stakeholder Reports
• Centre Region Council of Government (not present)
• State College Borough (not present)
• Municipalities/Government
• Penn State/Bike Den (Corey out on Parental Leave. Cecily reported that they are short handed and Bike Plan release is delayed, and events delayed. But there is a Bike Safety class (Sept 28) and Transportation Fair. (Aug 30) Police sending article to all students about e-scooter safety. They also have


June Meeting Minutes

CentreBike Membership Meeting Minutes

June 14th, 2023 at 5:30pm-7:00pm

In Attendance: Ed Jenkins, Paul Rito, Corey Thibault-Cuhel, Cecily Zhu, Jasmine Fields, Ezra Nanes, Jeffrey Luck, Matthew Cox

  • Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report shows a balance of $17,588.46

  • Election
    1. Treasurer
      1. Paul Rito was Nominated as CentreBike Interim Treasurer. Motion by Ezra Nanes, Board approved.
  • New Business
    1. Future Membership and Exec Meeting Times
      1. Will do a poll to see which times
    2. Wellness Fair  6/28
      1. Will be at the Boro Wellness fair the 28th 11 to 1pm
    3. LIONBash 8/31
      1. We are signed up, but no more details.
    4. Active Transportation Steering Committee
      1. Looking for 1 person on CB to be on the Committee for August
    5. CRBAC
      1. Looking for a Chair for CRBAC
  • Old Business
    1. CVIM Central Cycling Classic 6/17
      1. Few days away from the classic, Signup is still open. See you this weekend
    2. Volunteers – Ironman 70.3 7/2
      1. Still looking for volunteers for IronMan
    3. Bike Month Updates
      1.  35 Entries for Bike and Munch
      2. 1 entry for Bingo
      3. 3 for Scavenger Hunt
      4. 4 Bike Anywhere Friday
    4. Centre Gives
      1. $2447.36 was the final number

March 2023 Centre Bike General Meeting Minutes

CentreBike March 2023 Membership Meeting Minutes
March 13th, 2023 at 5:30pm-7:00pm
• Welcome
       Attending: Matt Cox, Ed Jenkins, Anne Messner, Michele
          Chernega, Cecily Zhu, Mark Davison, Corey Thibault-Cuhel,
              Paul Rito


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