Meeting Minutes

August 2019 Meeting Minutes

CentreBike Membership Meeting Minutes
August 12, 2019 at 5:30PM
State College Municipal Building in room 241

  1. Welcome
    Attending: Tristan Avelis, Jim Serene, Matt Cox, Paul Rito, Ed Jenkins, Michele Chernega, Mark Davidson, Valerie Burnett
  2. Treasurer’s Report.
    Balance: $14,938.89. $500 of this committed as donation to Harvest Fields (Paul says they were very pleased) $250 for Happy Valley Women’s Cycling like CB did last year (all voted Yea)
  3. Stakeholder Reports
    • Penn DOT (no one present)
    • PSU Entities
    • c. Municipalities/CRCOG d. CRBAC
  4. Updates

Discussion Open floor

  • Matt Cox and Ed Jenkins are working on "Cranksgiving" where people ride to purchase food for food bank. You give them list and it’s a quasi-race, Ed Jenkins explained how it worked. NY doing it since mid-nineties and Pittsburgh for about 6 years.
  • Mark reported that there is a mtg in Harrisburg on Aug 21 about good ways to talk to legislators.
  • Mark reports that Patton Twnshp talking about bike crashes i.e. Scotia & Meeks Valerie asked where bike crash data coming from, and CB replied that it is from Penn DOT.
  • N.Atherton from Patton Twnshp to Collenade Blvd is supposed to have sidewalks, Mark D addressed it w/ Township
  • Paul reported that Nancy (car injured cyclist in Pine Grove) is recovering and getting a new bike.
  • Valerie was counting folks on Tofttrees Ave and got way different count than township reported in November count they did. V also asked if CB knew something about Complete Streets. (Paul said it’s considering pedestrians & cyclists when doing road upgrades or new construction). Valerie also wanted to count on Bellefonte RailTrail but didn’t feel comfortable being there alone. Mark said Ameron will rent a counter or she could use a trail counter. Paul said “All Traffic” company that makes “Your Speed Is” signs has “non-contact counting systems.” V is concerned about a deep gutter on Tofttrees Ave. She said twnshp looks at it as recreation when she feels it’s more transportation. Paul said Trish at COG is concerned about counting too.
  • Ed said he had a close call on Fox Hill. Paul showed Ed his front/back helmet cam.
  • Tristan reported that Ferg Twnshp chief of police told him they need license plate AND face recorded. Mark D said could be reported also to national Close Calls Network.
  • Jim said he saw a truck w/ a “Coal Roller” (car modification to blow smoke on cars or bikes) in action on friends ahead of him.
  1. Adjournment at 18:30

Next Meeting: September 9th, 2019 at 5:30pm State College Municipal Building in room 241

April 2019 Meeting Minutes

Centre Bike Minutes, April 8th, 2019

Jasmine Fields, Matthew Cox, Cecily Zhu, Paul Rito, Tanya Hampton, Roy Rupert, Jean Bemis, Tim Nebson, Irene Hicks, Jeanie Kim, Tom Lechleitner, Autumn Busbee

Treasurer Report (more…)

March 2019 Meeting Minutes

CentreBike Minutes March 11, 2019 State College Municipal Building in Room 241
Attending: Tristan Avelis, Jean Bemis, Michele Chernega, Matt Cox, Jasmine Fields, Ken Hull, Claire Lorts, Paul Rito, Roy Rupert, Cecile Zhu