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Bike Light Giveaway Results

During our light giveaway on Oct. 26, we fitted almost 500 dark riders with safety lights at four locations around town and campus. It’s thanks to our members, CentreGives donors, and Blake and Linda Gall’s Centre Foundation Endowment, that we can work towards a safer cycling State College. Many thanks, too, to the volunteers, and PSU and State College police officers who came out to help with the distribution. Below is a collage of pictures take by Jeff Cornwall at the PSU IST Bridge site. There’s also a video on our Facebook page. (more…)

PA 12th in Bike League’s Bike Friendly States ranking

Bike Friendly State LogoEncouraged, but not complacent. PA Jumped from the 40s into the 20s after passing the 2011 4ft law, which also better spelled out cyclist’s rights and responsibilities on the road. With a new, full-time Bike-Ped coordinator in Harrisburg, PA’s rank has moved up into 12th of the 50 states. While that’s a great accomplishment, there is a lot of room to move up with scores around 70/100 in all categories, and it would be nice to see an improvement in consistency. Check out PA’s ranking and report card on the League’s website: 2017 Bike Friendly States