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January 2021 Meeting Minutes

• Welcome 17:30
Matt Cox
Michele Chernega
Paul Rito
Trish Meek
Jasmine Fields
Denise Bortree
Kelly Davidson
Cecily Zhu
Ed Jenkins
Tim Nebgan
Josh Woods
Corey Thibault-Cuhel
Gordy Kaufman
        • Treasurer’s Report: Total available funds as of this date: $16,255.35
• Stakeholder Reports
• PSU Entities. Cecily reports:
-Bike Share RFP jointly w/ Boro will be re-bid
-Many tools are in for Bike place and they will be labeling them
Penn State still waiting to hear back re: Bicycle Friendly Uni application
• Municipalities/CRCOG/Boro Trish reports:

-Winter Bike Anywhere Friday is Feb 12. Registration form not usual place. Promotion starting soon. CRPR Active Guide has bike events in it as well.

• PennDOT. Tim Nebgan reports that Bicycle Helmet Laws will be the social media feature Feb 21-27 and Josh Woods will do same on Highway Safety Network
• New Business
• CentreBike – Nominations Matt reports that positions needed are: VP, Secretary,  and more. Matt set up a place for people to nominate others or themselves See link below
• Old Business
• Open Floor Denise asked about eBike laws
• Adjournment 18:00
Next Meeting:
February 8th, 2021 at 5:30pm-7:00pm.                                                    Virtually via Zoom :

December 2020 Meeting Minutes

Dec 14, 2020

  • Welcome
Ed Jenkins
Jeam Beemis
Cecily Zhu
Trish Meek
Denise & Brian Bortree
Kelly Davidson
Gordy Kauffman
Paul Rito
Michele Chernega

• Treasurer’s Report : Balance: $16,630.11
• Stakeholder Reports
• PSU Entities

Cecily reported on: 

Proposal writing for Bicycle Master Plan for campus + Operating plan for Bike Den, Waiting to hear back RE: Bike Friendly Uni app, Still looking for new bike share (possibly scooters) vendor

• Municipalities/CRCOG/Boro
Kelly reports that she & Jasmine are working on:
Bike rack requirements ordinance
Bicycle Ambassador program
Bicycle Friendly Community news coming soon
Trish added businesses are best bet to improve status for community
Valleyview bike corridor almost complete (Ribbon cutting in new year)
        • New Business
• 12/10-12/20 – Bicycle Film Festival

Gordie K. reported on this as well as local content that was in it

                • 2/8 – Winter Biking 101
• 2/12 – Winter Bike Anywhere Friday – Gift Card

• 3/13 – Biking in the Centre Region 101 (Trish doing)
• 3/20 – Bike Commuting 101 (Matt will be doing)

                • 5/11 – Biking in the Centre Region 101

• Biking for Boomers – TBD Date
• Bike Touring 101 – TBD Date
• Bike Lights

Matt researhing bike light prices for Light Up the Night giveaways
• BFB Application Fees
Paul made motion that we allocate money to assist Bicycle Friendly Businesses w/ their application fee. Plan to reserve $500
• Summer Family Night Ride

Trish asked if CB was intersted in helping with this.

                • Cranksgiving 2020 (2nd Annual)
89 people participated over $2500 raised in foodstuffs
Jean Beemis requested CB reimburse Matt Cox with personal expenses to run Cranksgivig
• Open Floor
Ed Jenkins updated some legislative affairs re: letter writing campaign for bike commuting fringe benefit
• Adjournment

Bicycle Film Festival State College

The 20th Anniversary of the Bicycle Film Festival is going virtual and coming to State College!

Hosted by Nittany Mountain Bike Association, NMBA, BFF is arriving in State College virtually on December 10th. Available to stream 12/10 6pm (EST) – 12/17 midnight (EST). A portion of ticket sales will benefit NMBA!

Tickets here:
About the festival:

Bicycle Film Festival – State College is a celebration of bicycle films and advocacy. Bringing advocacy and the arts together, the BFF believes it is essential to the momentum of our mission to use the bicycle as a tool for lasting social change. This virtual event will include a speakers’ panel hosted and directed by Gordon Kauffman of the Nittany Mountain Bike Association, a compilation of films from the Bicycle Film Festival, and short videos from Dronediculous of Rothrock and the community at large.

Nittany Mountain Bike Association Speakers’ Panel:

  • Kids/Beginners on Bicycles – Advocacy leaders have embraced the opportunity to pass down their passion of riding to the next generation and others. This panel discussion will focus on the projects and people that strive to teach and create a safe, fun environment for kids and beginners to ride! Panel members include Scott Sheeder of NMBA, Mary Ann Hanlon of Happy Valley Women’s Cycling, and Josh Stapleton of the Centre County Crows, NMBA, and Harvest Fields Community Church.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – Many individuals and organizations in our community have fostered the notion that everybody should have equal access to organizational and informal activities on bicycles. In this panel discussion, leadership and cycling enthusiasts will discuss strategies and personal stories that have propelled diversity and inclusion for cyclists in our community! Panel members include Tanya Hampton of Happy Valley Women’s Cycling, Adam Schram of the Penn State Cycling Club, Willard Jackson of NMBA, and Sage McKeand of the Penn State Cycling Club.
  • Bicycle Safety and Infrastructure – What is a strong cycling community without a safe and well connected place to ride? This panel discussion brings together a diverse group of local leaders to address bicycle safety and connectivity and provide valuable information about our biggest challenges and success stories! Panel members include Trish Meek of Centre Regional Planning Agency, Brett Hollern of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Paul Rito of CentreBike, and Ryan Hendrick of Ferguson Township Police.
  • BFF Select Shorts: Film fans and bicycle fans alike will absolutely enjoy this program. Select Shorts takes us on a journey with a charismatic Ghanian immigrant in Amsterdam who teaches refugee adult women to ride bikes, a BLM bicycle protest ride from New York to DC, a father coping with the loss of his son, a young woman riding in Iran, and cycle sport as relief from genocide (90 minutes).