Call or write our Senators to vote NO on AV START

A story told at a recent CentreBike meeting highlights the need for action on going slowly where Autonomous Vehicles are involved: A motorist was trying to pass and give a bicyclist the 4 feet required by PA law. When he attempted to swing wide around the cyclist, his Lane Assist “safety” feature “corrected” his steering back into the lane completely oblivious to the cyclist on the right side of the vehicle. He found out he had to use his turn signal to “enable” the maneuver without the car intervening. As the number of these kinds of vehicles without safeguards for pedestrians and cyclists increase, the danger also increases, and a system meant to save lives will actually be endangering them. We certainly support the idea of safer vehicles through automation, but unless all factors are considered, more development and testing is needed before they hit the road – AND US!

The League of American Bicyclists has a campaign to require autonomous vehicles to “see” pedestrians, cyclists, and wheelchair-bound people before they are allowed on our roads. Please click on the link below to email our senators urging them to vote no on Senate Bill 1885.
Ask your Senator to Vote NO on AV START Act

The League also suggests that a phone call is more effective than an email. Here are our Senators’ phone numbers:
Bob Casey: (866) 802-2833 or (202) 224-6324
Pat Toomey: (202) 224-4254