December 2021 General Meeting Minutes

• Welcome
Attending:  Matt Cox, Paul Rito, Michele Chernega, Trish Meek, Cecily Zhu, Cory Thibault-Cuhel, Denise Bortree, Jasmine Fields, Lara Fowler, Josh Woods, Mark Higgins, Jean Bemis
  • Treasurer’s Report Balance of $15,090.35
• Stakeholder Reports
• PSU Entities Cory says new Bike Den hours which are posted on website & door of Den. Cecily reports Cory doing good job managing clinics & volunteers there. Uni working on Bike Master Plan.
• Centre Region Bicycle Advisory Committee
• Centre Region Council of Government Trish reports that they are working on Bike Plan w/ municipal staff. Starting to create class calendar for the year. Jasmine said she is waiting for funding word on Bicycle Ambassadors
• State College Borough Bike Sweep coming up. Jasmine said they have bike hang tags with bike law info she can share w/ CB
• Municipalities Mark Higgins reports that there are no bike paths outside Centre Region and there is transportation money to go to alternate transportation.
• Highway Safety Network Josh looking for a group in Centre County to do a bike rodeo for bike safety and give new helmets. They are partnered w/ Rotary to do it in Clearfield
• Presentation
• Lara Fowler – Biking Stockholm: Ideas from Living Abroad for a Year
• Old Business
• LCI Update 4 participants
• Cranksgiving – Final
• 91 Cyclist, 1633 Pounds,1755 Items, $2608 Donated
• Light Up The Night Paul gave idea of sharing some of our lights w/ police to give out when they stop cyclists
• New Business
• Open Floor. Happy Valley Communications may work with CB to help in the spring. Denise is meeting with them.
• Adjournment
Next Meeting:
January 10th, 2022 at 5:30pm-7:00pm
Virtually via Zoom :