May 2022 General Meeting Minutes

CentreBike Membership Meeting May 9th, 2022 at 5:30pm AGENDA:

ATTENDING: Matt Cox, Cecily Zhu, Ezra Nanes, Denise Bortree, Jasmine Fields , Corey Thibault-Cuhe, Trish Meek, Tom Grisell, Paul Rito, Michele Chernega, Ed Jenkins
• Welcome
• Treasurer’s Report Paul reported that balance is $15,827.16
• Stakeholder Reports
• State College Borough Mayor Nanes announced that proclamation for May Bike month was accepted. Starting to include capital plan which includes bike stuff.
• Mayor’s Ride is a go.
• Municipalities/Government
• Penn State/Bike Den Corey reports on new hours, volunteers, programs and regular PRIDE events each month. Cecily also talked about a PRIDE parade/ride/walk in the works to happen on June 11 starting at State College high school.
• Centre Region Bicycle Advisory Committee
• Centre Region Council of Government Trish reminds us that all the May Bike Month events continue to be posted. Also commented on: Federal Transportation Alternative Set Aside Program Funds granted to work on Shared Use Projects such as filling gaps and widening roads, Sidewalks/Crosswalk plans and Bellefonte improvements for pedestrians. Patton Township looking at feasibility study for Circleville Rd missing link
• PennDOT
• Highway Safety Network
• New Business
• Cranksgiving Matt mentioned plans for next year and Paul said he will help w/ Videon contact to restart an after-party
• Old Business. Matt reported on engagements for past events.
• Ask-A-Cyclist • Earthday Birthday • Arbor Day Commuter Coffee • Bike Lights Denise reported that they gave out lights at Women’s Bike repair training. Cecily & Matt discussed future light purchases
• GoPro for a Cause Matt applied last year and was told CB won a GoPro package. Matt is learning about it and hopes to get video of Mayor’s ride and more.
• Open Floor
• Adjournment at 18:30
Next Meeting:
June 13th, 2022 at 5:30pm-7:00pm
Virtually via Zoom :