Meeting Minutes – January 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013, 6:45pm

Meeting at Schlow Memorial Library Community Room


  • Paul Rito, President
  • Lynda Crow, Treasurer
  • Joan Potter, Secretary
  • Jim Serene, Executive Committee Member
  • Brian Dempsey, Executive Committee Member
  • Jean Bemis
  • Steve Fast
  • Joyce Eveleth
  • Jordyn Drayton

Election of Officers

The slate of proposed officers for 2013 include:

  • Jim Serene for President
  • Brian Dempsey for Vice President
  • Lynda Crow for Treasurer
  • Joan Potter for Secretary

Jean Bemis motioned to approve the proposed officers; Steve Fast seconded. All in favor.

Treasurer’s Report

Lynda Crow reported the current bank account balance is $4,768.81. A motion was made by Paul Rito to reimburse Brian Dempsey for payment of $35 to the library for room rental for this evening’s meeting; Jean Bemis seconded. All in favor.

PennDOT 4’ Rule Discussion

Two PSU students were present and were asked if they had heard about the 4’ rule through the university, but neither knew anything about it. Reference was made to Patty Satalia’s recent article and the fact that the local PennDOT driver’s license facility didn’t know about it either. It was suggested that a letter be written to PennDOT to suggest more information needed to be disseminated to the public, as well as their own employees.

In addition to asking the students about the 4’ rule, they were asked if they knew the university was recently awarded a “Bike Friendly University” award, but neither had.

The meeting closed at 7:00pm and was immediately followed by the State College Cycling Club’s “Safe Cycling at Night Clinic” presented by Stephen Fast.  Steve was a cycling advocate in Delaware before coming to State College, and hopefully he will become more involved in CRBC in the future. There were 22 people in attendance for the clinic.

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