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State College’s 3rd Annual Cranksgiving

Cranksgiving is ON! Join us November 6 10am at Videon Central, Inc, 2171 Sandy Dr. Registration is free, and includes a link to purchase the Limited Edition Yellow Cranksgiving shirt! We have a $3000 food goal this year!
Free registration and more information at
Maps/Info/Need list links will be in your confirmation email so you can get started early with the ‘Early Bird’

July 2021 General Meeting Minutes

CentreBike Membership Meeting July 12th, 2021 at 5:30pm-7:00pm
• Welcome
Attending: Matt Cox, Paul Rito, Ed Jenkins, Denise Bortree, Jean Bemis, Cecily Zhu, Corey Thibault-Cuhel , Ezra Nanes, Kelly Davidson
• Treasurer’s Report Balance: $19088.67
• Stakeholder Reports
• PSU Entities Cecily said Spin contract is signed and they’ll be getting first wave of bikes for mid-August launch. Corey reported that Bike Cutting (removal of bikes w/out permits) starts this week. Bike Den opening delayed due to floor coating issue.
• Borough – Kelly is getting in touch with Jasmine about LCI course.  She reports that Lion Bash is set for Sept 8 and CB will have a spot
• Municipalities
• PennDOT
• Highway Safety Network
• New Business
• 7/23 – Summer Bike Anywhere Friday. No more Eddie’s Bike Shop prizes as shop is closed
• 9/24 – Fall Bike Anywhere Friday
• Old Business
• Bike and Munch 32 entries to this w/ Downtown Improvement District gift card
• LCI – Discussion Oct 8-10 Starts Fri evening at 20:00 through weekend. In class and on bike instruction. Paul reports that it’s easier because much is online.
• Updates
• Open Forum Ezra sent us link (below) to Borough mtg w/ Public Hearing on Capital Improvement Plan to give input on increasing investment in bike infrastructure and improve the ratio for auto – bike investment


April 2021 General Meeting Minutes

April 12th, 2021 at 5:30pm-7:00pm. Attending: Matt Cox, Paul Rito, Ed Jenkins, Michele Chernega, Mark Davison, Cecily Zhu, Corey Thibault-Cuhel, Trish Meek, Kelly Davidson, Tim Nebgan