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Pedal People visit State College

The Pedal People :: Try fitting that in your SUV

The Pedal People, a cooperative human-powered delivery and hauling service for the Northampton, Massachusetts area appeared at a special CRBC event Friday, April 27 hosted by Freeze Thaw Cycles. The Pedal People ride year round, hauling garbage (which is independently contracted in Northampton), furniture, delivering groceries and packages of all kinds. All on bikes.


In addition, they offer classes in bike maintenance, and they serve as a catalyst to practical bicycling as a transportation alternative in their region. You can read about them at their great website :

“The Co-op uses bicycles and bicycle trailers to transport things, and is committed to using human power despite the culture of dependence on motorized vehicles. We hope that our use of relatively simple tools in sound business practice will debunk the prevailing belief that more technology is needed to solve problems.

We believe that social change is possible, and we share inspiration and education with people wanting to choose more sustainable lifestyles. We aim to make a living in a fair, noble way, exploiting no one.

We believe in the idea of low-income living as a counter to the work-consume-spend lifestyle common in America today. We also believe that by spending less time making a living, we can have more time to contribute to the community and live life at a human pace rather than a motorized pace.”

Kulakowski Ride 2007

Kulakowski Memorial Ride 2007 :: Scores of cyclists made their way to the Kulakowski ghost bike

Penn State professor and avid bike commuter Bohdan T. Kulakowski was killed last March when he was hit by a van while riding home from his office on campus. The Second annual ride in his honor was held today. Participants rode from campus to the crash site with bike trailers filled with flowers to place on the ghostbike memorial.

Thanks to the officers of the State College Police Department who provided support and blocked traffic for the ride.

Kulakowski Memorial Ride 2007 :: Dr. Kulakowski's daughter, Dorota, at the memorial

FreezeThaw Cycles Raises Funds

FreezeThaw Raises Funds :: Justin and Jordyn at the CRBC fundraising table

FreezeThaw Cycles on Calder Alley has raised $130 for CRBC by selling bike parts and CRBC “Share the Road with Bicycles” bumper stickers at their $1 bargain table. Thanks to Justin, Jordyn, and all the FreezeThaw employees who have helped.

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