2014 Bike Month Scavenger Hunt

The Rules:

You may compete as an individual, with a partner, or as a team of 3 or more. All riders or groups must take a photo with their bikes at the designated locations. Some locations require you to leave your bikes parked nearby, however. Pictures need to be submitted throughout the month to Clay Chiles, Environmental AmeriCorps Member at State College Borough: cchiles@statecollegepa.us. If pictures match the clues provided, you will get that location checked off. These pictures will randomly be shared and celebrated through SCASD and State College Borough social media, including @BikeStCollege on twitter.

A top prize will be awarded in each category for the most locations ridden to between May 1 and May 30. Also, a raffle ticket will be given to each individual for every 5 locations. Raffle tickets will be used for various other prizes. Winners will be announced on May 31st at the Extravaganza! (see below)

Have fun exploring the SC area with your family and friends!

It’s safe & easy to ride to, or safe & easy to ride at the chosen locations. It is certainly ok to drive to the far off locations when safety is a concern for younger riders. The spirit of the hunt is to encourage you to experience these places on a bike.

The Clues:

See them on a google map here!

1) Musser Gap Greenway

Did you know that the bike lanes on Whitehall Road will soon connect with Rothrock State Forest? Heard of Shingletown Gap? Musser Gap is just west towards Pine Grove Mills. The Musser Gap Greenway is under construction, but the farm lane that it will connect with comes out to Whitehall Road near Blue Course Drive. Imagine the beautiful community park going in those fields and a connection from town to one of Central Pa’s most beautiful natural gems! Take a picture on Whitehall road with the Tussey ridgeline in the background and you’ll check this one off the list.

2) Orchard Park

Ever wonder where Orchard Park got it’s name from? Take a ride on the bike path there and see if you can snap a picture of the answer. It’s ok, you don’t have to be an in’cider to know where.

3) Walnut Springs Park

It’s no wonder why this park is named the way it is. Look around, most of those trees there are Black Walnuts, with the musky smelling nuts littering the ground. The gravel path used to be the old farm lane and helped connect the farm that used to be here with the Centre Furnace. Can you find any evidence of the farm? See if you can take a picture of some history that’s foundational to the settlement of this region.

4) Lederer Park

Just up the hill from Walnut Springs Park, this is a nice place to picnic and learn about some different tree species. This land was graciously donated by a sculptor, who’s mother now looks over the park. Pose with her and say Thank You!

5) Spring Creek Park

You can ride over land but here you’ll have to walk over water. See where I mean and see some neat work that Trout Unlimited has done.

6) Circleville Park

Don’t have a backyard, but want to grow your own veggies? See if you can find a great place near this park to set up crop.

7) PSU Arboretum

You’ll have to dismount your bike while you explore these lovely gardens. You might even lose track of time. Don’t worry though, you can take a picture near something that’ll help you find it again.

8) Park Ave/McKee Street Crossing

This intersection is passed by many riding into town from Overlook Heights. And soon enough, the Park Ave crossing will be improved to make it easier for cyclists and pedestrians to cross. While you’re near there, see if you can find an easy place to do some bike repairs at the Stuckeman Family Building.

9) Bernel Park

Have you been to this newest of Centre Region parks? Let your imagination take flight here. Any fun photos riding around welcomed.

10) Fairbrook Park

This park is worth the drive (or ride if you want to enjoy the extra width of Whitehall Road!). If you ride to the top of the park, you might need a break. See if you can find a seat with a mountain view.

11) Military Museum

This popular place to walk and ride is at the end of the South Atherton Street bike path. Not far from here are the headwaters of Spring Creek. Find a place to cross the water; a way that you woodn’t want to ride.

12) Blue Spring Park

In the winter this park hosts an ice skating rink. Find where the water flows when its not so cold out.

13) Millbrook Marsh

Millbrook Marsh wouldn’t be such a great place to visit if not for the hardworking coordinators and volunteers there. Take a picture with one of them and thank them for their dedication.

14) State Collee Borough building

How do you get a leaf inside a lightbulb? Park your bikes and head to the third floor to see if you can find this symbol. While you’re up there, say “Hello” to our bike riding Mayor! Pictures with either work.

15) Rock Hill Schoolhouse

May 4th would be the day to take this picture! Head out to Linden Hall to see this renovated piece of history. Did you know about the Penns Valley Rails-to-Trail plan? It was looking to bring a path that could go right by here. Bonus point if the picture has when the school was built in it.

16) Blue & White bike path

Get on it from Corl Street or West Campus Drive, then head towards Blue Course. Don’t go too fast or you’ll miss what grows beside you. This ones for the patient pickers with a sweet tooth. Please don’t eat anything unless you positively know what it is!

17) Toftrees

There are a number of ways to get to Toftrees by bike, but there’s only one way that gets you under the Mt Nittany Expressway. Find the underpass and you’ll have this one checked off.

18) Haymarket Park

Ferguson Township is no stranger to bicycle infrastructure! With the Blue Course Bikeway next to this easy-to-ride-to park, its easy to forget how close you are to everything. Find the clue that gives you a sense of distance.

19) Bellefonte Central Rail Trail

This great path is the result of the hard work from several regional partners. Can you capture them all in one photo?

20) Galbraith Gap (Rothrock)

This is one of the primary “gateways” to Rothrock State Forest and gets you on miles of gravel roads and dirt trails to explore. You’ll find plenty of folks parking in the gravel parking lot beyond Tussey Mountain, heading out for hikes and mountain bike rides. Get a picture with one of them and tell them about the scavenger hunt!


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