February 2021 General Meeting Minutes

CentreBike Membership Meeting
February 8th, 2021 at 5:30pm-6:30pm
• Welcome
Matt Cox, Paul Rito, Denise Bortree, Michele Chernega, Ed Jenkins, Jean Bemis, , Trish Meek, Gordy Kaufman, Mark Davison, Corey Thibault-Cuhel, Josh Woods, Jasmine Fields, Kelly Davidson, Maryanne Neal, Jim Serene

• Elections
Ed Jenkins was nominated for VP and he was voted in.
Denise Bortree was nominated and voted in as CB Board Member • Treasurer’s Report Balance: $16,019.38
• New Business
• Centre Region Meaningful Miles.
Jasmine Fields & MaryAnn Neal presented on their idea for a non-profit bike group to raise funds for charities.

Trish Meek reported on how Centre Bike can team up with municipality on the following:
• League BFC Report Card – Possible Future Actions
• LCI Instructor Course
• Bicycle Friendly Driver Training
• Annual Volunteer Bike Counts • Bicycle Friendly Community Signs
Trish asked if CB might purchase a sign for each of the Municipalities and to give them as a Thank You. There are questions about sign manufacture & pricing
Josh of the Highway Safety Network & Trish reported that there are 19 people signed up for upcoming Bike Safety Class
• Bike Safety 101 – https://crcog.net/bike
• Stakeholder Reports

• PSU Entities:

Corey reported that Bike Den is constructed.
• Municipalities/CRCOG/Boro
• PennDOT
• CRBAC will meet on Feb 16, 2021 from 16:00-17:30

Adjournment at 18:30