January 2020 General Membership Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2020 Centre Bike General  Meeting 5:30 PM
State College Municipal Bldg – Room 241




  1. Tristan Avelis
  2. Valerie Burnett
  3. Michele Chernega
  4. Matt Cox
  5. Mark Davison
  6. Jasmine Fieldstone
  7. Tanya Hampton
  8. Mark Higgins
  9. Ed Jenkins
  10. Christian Kurpiel-Wakamiya
  11. Joanna Weidler Lewis
  12. Paul Rito
  13. Roy Rubert
  14. Erin Thomas
  15. Cecily Zhou

Matt Cox was nominated as CB President by Mark Davison and it was seconded by Paul Rito. Voted on by present members, all replied Yes. Matt is the new Centre Bike President with Tristan serving as temporary VP until he has to move.

• TREASURER’S REPORT    Balance: $14,050.32

• STAKEHOLDERS REPORT  PennDOT – No one present

Country Commissioner, Mark Higgins says they have lots of bike path and initiatives in the process which can “help decide whether we will be a bike destination or not”. “Gentle Lobbying” may help move things along.

PSU Entities – Cecily reported:

PSU has now hired an assistant for Cecily. Cecily says West Gate Parking deck will have “Tinker Space/ Bike Den” like a repair/community space. Indoor space w/ workbenches w/ tool kits, bathroom, whiteboard. ETA: 2021 Also lots of covered bike parking. No schedule yet for Spring workshops but they will probably be held in these new spaces. They expect open Hours plus guided workshops. Risk Management will be letting her know if it will be open to the public and if there will be separate hours for public vs students.

CRBAC (Cecily is Chair) Next mtg is Feb 18 at 142 Land & Water Research Bldg from 4pm-5pm and will be available via Zoom


On Tuesday January 14th at 10:00 AM there was an Open House at the Patton Township Municipal Building (100 Patton Plaza) to provide information on proposed improvements to Toftrees Avenue. Valerie Burnett said they are still taking input


Bike Love is an event Matt Cox is looking to do on 2/8/20 or 2/10/2020 possibly in lieu of CB meeting

Winter Bike to Work Day/Winter Bike Anywhere Friday 2/14/2020 – Paul Rito reported Registration not open yet. Waiting to hear back from Appalachian Outdoors about supplying a prize. (gift card)  Jasmine said she has items from Autumn Busbee, like bike lights, that CB(Centre Bike) could use as prizes. Matt has water bottles too.

Tanya wants to do an event to launch May Bike Month. Ed Jenkins made motion to have funds from CB for snacks.

Cecily would like to do a Pride Ride, and she said would have to be in April because PSU wants to do it while students are here.

Bike Light Giveaway: Paul asks if we should do a spring one. Jasmine reports that she leftover lights from Fall and also the stats on how many we gave away and such, and Trish is working them. Cecily will meet w/ UPA about funding. Sunday, March 8, 2020 was suggested but it’s Spring Break so maybe end of February because it will still be dark out.

• Ride-of-Silence for coming year is in planning – Paul Rito & Roy Rupert reported

• Transition  items  (bank accounts, listserv monitoring, etc.) – Paul R.

• Ask-A-Cyclist 4/24 – Matthew C. As Bike Month Opener. Cecily said she reserved the Allen St Gate location

• Centre Bike Swap – A Matthew Cox event idea could be at Videon. Thought of October, but Jasmine said do it at end of semester to catch students. Classes end May 1st.


Tanya reports that her bike team received permitting to host a race June 6, 2020.

March 15-17 National Bike Summit. Matt asked if anyone going. $500 to go


6:45 PM

Next Meeting: February 10th, 2020 at 5:30pm State College Municipal Building in Room 241 OR February 10th, 2020 at 6:00pm-8:00pm Videon Central, 2171 Sandy Drive


Individuals needed for bicycle proclamations for bike month. They should reside in the township they are approaching. College, Boro, Ferguson, Patton, Harris(?) T

Jasmine said she’ll be part of meeting w/ Transportation Dept and she wants suggestions on where to spend the budget they have over the next 40 yrs. Bike Ambassador is part of the idea.

League of American Cyclists: Mark said he’d like CB to sponsor someone and Paul said if 10 people took it then the League will send us an instructor so people wouldn’t have to travel there. Smart Cycling is name of 101 class.

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