2/7/2011 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from 2/7/2011 Meeting at the SC Municipal Building

Agenda Item #1 | Presentation | Ballengers Battle the Beast 

CRBC member Jess Ballenger and his family have turned their love of cycling into a game. As a family they are making an effort to ride more than drive. Recorded car miles included vacation travel and trips to the market. The Ballengers only have one car and have been cycling for many years. 2011’s stats so far are 219 Bike, 769 beast including holidays. 219 miles through some of the coldest weather we have had in long time.  People at the meeting asked a lot of really great questions.

Agenda Item # 2 | Working with the SCASD

Tom Gasda phys ed teacher at State college Area High School talked about the SC High School’s efforts to include cycling safety into the curriculum. Members of the CRBC is working with the State College Area School District to help promote safe cycling. Physical education classes have been going on group rides, with the blessing of excursion permits signed by parents. There are a number of teacher that are excited about a bicycle education. The school is participating in bike to school day, as of this writing exact details have not been worked out, although there was some speculation about bike rack capacity.

Agenda Item #3 | Bike to Work Month

Bike to work month will be held in cooperation with anyone and everyone able to ride their bike to work.  Some of the events currently being proposed: bike rodeo, treasure hunt, vineyard ride, yoga/bike.  There will be a flyer that will be circulated with details. It was determined that Bike to work month includes all students riding to class. Places we hope to get advertising, CATA, Print Shops. There was even talk that we could use C-NET time to show some bike to work month stuff.. The group discussed making Critical Mass part of the event -> it is suppose to be a spontaneous event. It happens on the LAST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT THE MAIN GATES.

Side Notes:

The group discussed having 8 business meetings and 4 fun meetings a year. This was generally thought to be a good idea.  Business meetings would include the attendance of all officers, executive committee members, and those interested in agenda items to get involved. Fun meetings may include food, music, bike riding, children’s laughter, slide shows, bike stories, demonstrations, demo rides, and or any number of other exciting event/topics.

Treasurer LB said most people have paid their dues, and those that haven’t should.


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