May 7th, 2010

May, 7th, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Pre Meeting

Reviewed PennDOT maps for Whitehall improvements

Bike to work week review

·         Friday- PSU office of Sustainability did a fantastic job staffing the table at the main gates, all day.

·         Bike Fair on Allen Street was tough, comments included:

o   “More people next time would be good”

o   “need to rethink Saturday’s activities on Allen”

o   “No critical mass, it seemed kinda empty”

o   “How about a bike swap?”

o   “change name to Bicycle Celebration Week”

o   “Bike racks from around the world”

o   “YMCA, Schools, and CRPR need to be involved”

o   “Odd time. Maybe we could do it after the Students left, instead of trying to fit them in?”

·         Comments for making next year better included

o   Make a postcard flyer that you mail to peoples’ place of employment.  Read -> “bike to work week”

o   Team up with other organizations like YMCA, CRPR, and the Schools

o   Start Earlier

Discussion shifted to Safe Routes to School

·         Mark Woodward examined roundabout installation on the Parkway near Easterly Parkway Elementary

·         The group discussed names of folks that would be good to include in the Safe Routes to School planning.

Things to do in the future

·         Make a Facebook Page for CRBC

·         Make committee’s for people who want to collaborate on specific Cycle/Pedestrian issues, ideas, events, and initiatives

o   It was determined that it would be up to individuals to meet on their own, and then report back to CRBC members at the next meeting


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