Meeting Minutes – June 2014

MINUTES of CRBC General Meeting

Written by Joan Potter

June 16, 2014

Meeting held at the State College Borough building.


  • Jim Serene, President
  • Brian Dempsey, Vice President
  • Lynda Crow, Treasurer
  • Joan Potter, Secretary
  • Sue Barsom
  • Jean Bemis
  • Catherine Grigor
  • Cliff Kanz
  • Clay Chiles
  • Roy Greenfield
  • Nathan Geiger
  • Ray Najjar
  • Tinamarie Illar
  • Melissa Bopp
  • Bob Eisenbraun
  • Sue Forster
  • Tom Flynn

The meeting was called to order by Jim Serene at 5:30 pm.  A quorum was present, and the meeting was ready to proceed with business.

PSU Master Plan for Bike Routes and Facility Improvements

Tom Flynn presented an illustration of Penn State’s master plan of routes and facility improvements for bicycles.  He asked for audience input on facility improvements and agreed to take it into consideration.

Cycling Events

CVIM Cycling for Care:  Sue Forster gave a brief overview of CVIM’s mission and Bob Eisenbraun talked about the upcoming ride on June 28th. Bob asked to consider a liaison from CRBC to participate on the planning committee next year.

PASA Bike Fresh Bike Local:  Ray Najjar announced the ride is scheduled for August 3rd.

PSU Kinesiology Project

Dr. Melissa Bopp announced the student project which is offering assistance to local businesses interested in applying for “Bike Friendly Business” status with the League of American Bicyclists. She also gave an update on the smart phone app being developed to promote active travel to campus. The app is scheduled for completion August 1st and will offer route planning, bike parking locations, time management, goal setting/encouragement, etc.  CRBC members in attendance offered to be beta testers and asked Melissa to come to the September meeting to give a demonstration.


Discussion to change the CRBC membership year from a January start to May in order to coincide with Bike Month.  Brian Dempsey moved to accept this change; Sue Barsom second; all in favor.  Further discussion followed on adding a free membership option to those who volunteer a certain number of hours for CRBC activities. Brian Dempsey moved to add the option to exchange volunteer hours for dues payment; details will be determined. Jean Bemis second; all in favor.  Brian Dempsey further moved to amend the Bylaws to be consistent with these motions; Sue Barsom second; all in favor.

National Bike Challenge

The CRBC team is currently listed 16th in the country. A suggestion was made to contact the CDT to see if they might do a community interest story.


Jim Serene noted that officers should be considered for the next year.  All current officers expressed willingness to continue in current roles. Sue Barsom stated that Lydia Vandenburg may be interested in the Treasurer position if Lynda desires to resign.  Tinamarie Illar who was attending her first meeting said she may consider a position in the future after she learns more about the organization.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, it adjourned at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Potter, Secretary

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