Meeting Minutes

February 8th, 2010

February, 8th, 2010

In Attendance

·         Brian Dempsey, CRBC President

·         Frank McGuire, IMBA Representative, CRBC Executive Committee member

·         Chuck Anderson, CRBC Executive Committee member

·         Elizabeth Goream, Mayor of State College

·         Kent Baker, College Twp Engineer

·         Bob ?, Patton  Twp Supervisor

·         Jeff Luck

·         Thomas Flynn, PSU Planning

·         Ronald Woodhead, CRPR Director

·         Jackie Shader, CATA Marketing Director

·         Trisha Meek, CRCOG Transportation Planner


1.       Introduction and words of welcome from CRBC President, Mr. Dempsey, briefly introducing the Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) application process, and what this would require from participants. Mr. Dempsey then invited each guest to give a brief description of bicycle initiatives taking place in their respective jurisdiction.  Conversation was centered on bicycle facilities, bicycle planning and creating bicycle facilities momentum

a.       Mayor Goream

                                                               i.      Bicycling in the Borough is something we all support, 2011 goal in climate?

                                                             ii.      Where are the bike lands and how should we proceed.  Bicycle supporters didn’t show up to support bike lanes; as a result the lanes were shot down.

                                                            iii.      Communities as a whole desires…

                                                           iv.      Active political……Bicycle and pedestrian can really flourish

                                                             v.      Bike lanes are a good idea

                                                           vi.      Joint Effort

b.      Steve ?, Ferguson Township Supervisor

                                                               i.      George Bitel -> comes to every meeting and is a strong supporter and shows up to every meeting. That means a lot.

                                                             ii.      Bike path now in development

                                                            iii.      Fox Point Rd and Pine Hall new paths

                                                           iv.      Works 2011 Whitehall Rd and 45 will be widened 4’ shoulders

                                                             v.      Clearwater and the Musser Gap Greenway is moving forward

                                                           vi.      The Imbt property is getting ready for development w/ bike path

                                                          vii.      Long range -> College Ave

c.       Jeff Luck, Patton Township Supervisor

                                                               i.      Comprehensive bike path and Trail Plan

1.       Looking regionally to see how these facilities all fit together to make a comprehensive bike system

                                                             ii.      For the government to invest, the more people that will use it.

Kent Baker, College Township Engineer

                                                            iii.      4 on LRTP ->MPO

1.       Widening of Park Ave with bike lane

2.       Millbrook marsh bike way, that will connect Lemont to State College

a.       Elmwood

b.      New Country Inn Hotel will be going in at Woodcrafters site that will include road widening

                                                           iv.      Winter maintenance is being done on Puddintown Rd, and at this stage is only temporary as supervisors assess risks and rewards

d.      Bob from Harris

                                                               i.      Boalsburg and Harris are excited about adding bike facilities

                                                             ii.      Amy Charcas

1.       Bike path along 45 from Potter to Boalsburg

2.       Bike path from Boal Ave to Rothrock

a.       Along Werner Rd to….is already on official map

e.      Tom Flynn, Campus planning and Design

                                                               i.      Bike Master Plan – is a tool that was developed to ensure that as development occurs that bicycle facilities are considered and include:

1.       17 route improvements

2.       Bike Parking

3.       Park Avenue

4.       Millbrook Marsh Connection

5.       Shortlidge and Burrows

                                                             ii.      The first covered bike shelter is being placed at the BJC/Stadium commuter lots in the near future

f.        Ron Woodhead, CRPR Director

                                                               i.      Maintains 51 destinations or nodes that often anchor bike paths

                                                             ii.      Bike trails are an important part of CRPR’s connectivity and often comprise the journey to the node

                                                            iii.      Regional Park, Oak Hall, will also incorporate bike paths and bike connectivity


g.       Jackie Shader CATA Marketing Manager

                                                               i.      CATA is in the process of acquiring some hybrid public transportation

                                                             ii.      CATA has worked with CRBC before and would like to continue this collaboration.

                                                            iii.      CATA was the first public transportation provider to place bike racks on busses.

h.      Joe From Patton

i.         Trish Meek

                                                               i.      CCMPO gets federal money but is never easy to use, there are a lot of strings attached to stipulations of this money, and it this process is very time consuming.

                                                             ii.      CCMPO is working on their 2040 long range plan

                                                            iii.      TE monies have been used in the past to do projects like the BCRT

1.       CCMPO has traditionally spent $320,000 a year on TE projects

                                                           iv.      DCNR is also a source of funding for other grant money

2.       Frank McGuire and Chuck Anderson spoke about the BFC certification and application process

a.       5 core areas that BFC focuses on: Engineering, Education, Engagement, Enforcement and Evaluation

b.      Chuck is a League of American Bicyclist instructor and highlighted the opportunities for municipalities to improve education and enforcement of bicycling in the region

c.       The BFC checklist

d.      Regional plans already exist, or are being developed

3.       Other comment s:

a.       Unnamed PSU police officer mentioned that bicycle theft is the second leading criminal activity next to drinking.

4.       Meeting was concluded

January 8th, 2010

January 8th, 2010

1.       Opening of meeting

2.       Election of CRBC officers and executive committee members occurred as follows:

a.       Mr. Dempsey was nominated and then unanimously elected for the position of President

b.      Mr.  Rito was nominated and then unanimously elected as Vice President

c.       Mr. Shamalla was nominated and then unanimously approved as Secretary

d.      Mrs.  Bullard was nominated and then unanimously approved as Treasurer

e.      Discussion of executive committee members

3.       Focus areas for the 2010 year

a.       Bicycle Friendly Communities

b.      More direct involvement in bicycle decision making

c.       Local bike advocacy

d.      More educational outreach, involvement with schools, enforcement, and elected officials

4.       Bike to work week

a.       The one week event worked well, and we will do this again.

b.      Travis will do web stuff

c.       Bike mentoring – Kate M.C. was in charge of that last year and will do it again this year

d.      4 townships and a borough ride was successful, and included meetings with counsels. Paul Rito volunteered to do this for this year’s bike to work week

e.      Bike Rodeo was a successful, Bill is the face of the Borough Police bike initiative. Ok turnout.  Center Soccer, and Scouts are involved.

f.        Tom F. and Lidia V. were active, and had a table last year. PSU organized the table, maps, master plan, etc.

g.       Bike to worship, Jeff B. was at the meeting and supported this idea in 2009.

h.      Jim PSU orthopedics has a bike to work day

i.         Bob Swinn was at bike to work week

j.        Justin had cool bikes at bike rodeo

k.       Get BTWW started Friday of the last day of classes.

l.         Using the 100 block of Allen St would be great but store owners might present a problem. Jordan would be the person that would get signatures for this effort if it was deemed necessary. 200 block of Allen is a shoe-in.

5.       Bike in movies will be back for the 2010 season, headed by Kevin Gombotz

a.       The State Theater would be a good option for a bike movie.

6.       Group intros

7.       A brief symposium on winter cycling.

8.       Bicycle Friendly Community was an issue addressed in past years, and will be an issue that CBRC will addressing in 2010.

9.       Meeting was concluded